Elonera Montessori School

Welcome to Elonera Montessori School – a whole school offering a joyful life-long approach to learning that prepares children to be self-confident, responsible and successful in our global community. We are a not-for-profit, non-denominational, internationally-minded and inclusive organisation that offers quality Montessori education in the Illawarra for children aged 18 months to 18 years.

Applications for Year 7 2020 Close on Friday, 12th April 2019


About Us



Elonera Montessori located 80 km south of Sydney between the mountains and sea is a dynamic school with 150 students from pre-school to High School. We provide a stimulating and positive learning environment for ages 18 months to 3 years in our Parent Toddler Program, 2-3 years in our Montessori Long Day Care Program, 3-6 years in our Montessori Pre-School, Primary and High School Program through to 18 years in the IB Diploma Programme. Our philosophical framework is the Montessori approach to learning. We are a multicultural school that has no religious affiliations. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students both for further learning and for life. We have a strongly held set of universal values, including self-respect, respect for others, honesty, integrity, empathy, compassion and sense of international understanding.

We are a close-knit community of students, educators, parents, and friends of the school that are committed to diversity. Three year age groupings are fundamental to the successful implementation of the Montessori Method. Other key components include a unique curriculum, low student to adult ratios, individualised assessment, an uninterrupted work cycle as well as teachers trained both traditionally as well as with Montessori qualifications.

Families are connected with the school community and involve themselves in various committees, working bees and information sessions.

Here's what our past students have to say...

We recently surveyed a group of 37 alumni, of whom 36 recommend Elonera Montessori School to prospective students. They commented on the aspects of Elonera that they liked the most (the year they left the school is stated):

"The sense of community and unity it provided and respect of individuality" 2013

"Freedom and independence to discover myself" 2014

"Combined stages, interactive self directed learning, family feel, fantastic teachers" 2003

"The warm loving vibe, acceptance for all personalities and the freedom" 2012

"They take a differed approach with all, and ensure we all develop to our best" 2016

"The friendships with other students as well as parents and teachers...

...and the freedom to control my own learning (A lifelong skill)" 1993

"I think the way the staff encouraged us as students to pursue what we were interested in...

...as well as those few things that interested us less was excellent" 2013

"They take a differed approach with all, and ensure we all develop to our best" 2016

"Community" 2007

"The people and the atmosphere" 2002

An analysis in SCIENCE vol 313 Sept 2006 comparing educational outcomes indicates that Montessori education leads to children with better social and academic skills. The summary highlighted benefits such as basic word recognition, mathematics, and cooperative play, in the early years and more creativity and problem solving ability by the age of 12. More recently a comparison of interventions that aid executive function development by Diamond SCIENCE 333 Aug 2011 state that at age 5, Montessori children showed better executive function than peers attending other schools, and that they performed better in reading and math and showed more concern for fairness and justice. At age 12, relating to executive function, the children showed more creativity in essay writing than controls. They also reported feeling more of a sense of community at school.