Primary News

Stage 3 students have been looking forward to publishing their works this term. They have been working on sentence writing. These are some samples of their work:

“Practice, practice, practice”, yelled my coach as my team left the field unhappily.

In a split second he started to scratch himself, he grew a pair of large, green, gooey glasslike wings. There was a blood curdling screech and he transformed into a giant green, gooey mosquito.

After days of travelling exceedingly long distances through malicious weather, the cupcake was finally able to complete the ubiquitous task of annihilating all humans.

“Take me where you must”, declared the solider, “for my loyalty shall remain with the king, you may take my body but not my soul, I shall stand by my king forever”.

As he was walking up the creaking stairs he heard a blood-curdling scream, he felt his arms shiver with goose-bumps…….

I am not human; I am an android clone. I was made for a specific reason that is completely unknown.

The government had collapsed in on itself.  The world was in shambles.

When I went scuba diving, the water was clear as glass, I could see everything clearly. That meant that I could see the eight tentacle blue ringed creature coming towards me.

In Stage 2E we have been composing descriptions. These are some examples of their descriptions of storms.

·         Dark clouds covered the sky on a stormy day. Heavy rain fell on my house like all the stars dropped. Thunder was bashing and clashing on the floor. Dripping rain was pouring all over my window. Smoke fell from the sky. Fresh air went in someone’s nose. A bellowing roar thundered from above with more rain. Dampness scared the life out of me.

·         Lightening flickered on, off, on, off in the dark sky. Heavy grey clouds covered the sky. A bellowing roar thundered across the sky. Thunder echoed across the dark, night sky. Dripping rain splattered on the shed roof. Fresh air filled every corner of the city. Misty clouds covered

In Stage 2T we have been working on the following:

·         The older students have been working on Narrative Story writing and the younger students have been practicing how to write a description and procedure.  All the students have been continuing to complete project work of their interest.

·         The students loved gardening on Grandparents day and are ensuring to be mindful to water them daily during playground time. This experience ignited the student’s interest towards learning more about plants.  They have been learning about the parts of a plant and were involved in a science experiment.  Through observation, the students were then able to a write recount and draw a picture of what they had noticed with these seeds after a few days.

Art Gallery Excursion

Stage 2 classes had a unique learning experience for the children and teachers at the Art Gallery of Wollongong on the 1st of November. The Gallery provided us the opportunity to explore the different aspects of visual arts and gain insight to artists’ work. Fun hands-on activities, along with observation games, helped the children fully enjoy the current exhibitions: abstract art by contemporary artists, etchings, art in clothes and more traditional landscapes of Illawarra region. In the workshop we got inside the process of art making. The experience boosted the children’s personal creativity. Being around art and in the company of creative people makes you more creative, too. Art is just plain fun!


There has been a spark of interest in fundraising in Stage 2. This term, Archie Oyston showed a passion for raising money to help the people at Wollongong Homeless Hub. He held a cake stall at school and raised $235. He then went on to raise a further $1085 on his “Go Fund Me” page, raising a total of $1320. Archie wanted to thank the school community for all their support in his cause.

Jamilah, Olivia, Sofia and Alex were interested in raising money for WWF- to help raise money towards the endangered, Indian Bengal Tigers. The students worked together to research information about the tigers and decided to organise a cake stall. Together the girls organised who was making what items to sell and created posters to help advertise their event around the school. The students raised$265.  A big thank you to Amy Zappacosta and Laura from Stage 3 for helping the students set up and sell the items. Thanks to the students parents for helping the students make these yummy treats to sell and to everyone that supported this cause.