News from the High School


Brisbane Montessori Visit

Week 1 afforded us the opportunity to extend our hospitality to 25 students and 2 staff from Brisbane Montessori School who were passing through from Canberra on the way to the airport.


Students have been working on a number of projects around the school in addition to their cooking and planning each week. The bridge in the courtyard was in need of anti-slip sealing and the front fence of the High School also needed sealing. Students researched the type and amount of paint required and worked in teams. Currently, in line with some study Carlos is undertaking, students are working on their Business plans where they are allocated $10 per student. Most groups have submitted their plans with one group having begun their projects. Businesses include a Gaming review magazine, photography items, card making, candles, pasta-making, and more. Students are required to give back 1/3 to the school (to pay rent/electricity/water etc), 1/3 to a charity and they can pocket the remaining third of any profits. There has been much excitement that will culminate in a Christmas market in Week 9 of this term. Stay tuned!

Grandparents’ Day, catered for by the HS Occupations groups, was also a huge achievement, particularly as numbers far exceeded our expectations. Student and staff teamwork greatly contributed to the day’s success.

Useful resources


Media has recently drawn attention to the high number of young people involved in gaming. The following link is an excellent resource with good suggestions on bringing up boys. It is also wise advice for parenting in general, of children of all ages.



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Brisbane Montessori and Elonera High School students


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Stage 4 Fashion parades with Italian commentary


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High School students re-surfacing the bridge during Occupations


Alex Ioannou