Long Day Care News

During Grandparents day the Primary students planted a range of flowers and vegetables with their grandparents.  The children from the Long Day Care have shown a real interest in watering these plants every day and we have watched them grow. 

Due to this interest we decided to create our own garden.  We already have some healthy looking potato plants and strawberries, so we wanted to add some green and orange into the mix. We spoke to the children about gardening and most of them were excited to put on their own pair of gloves and choose a gardening tool to use.  We looked at the pictures on the packaging and asked the children if they recognised the vegetables.  Darcey recognised the picture of a cucumber and she then chose a spot to dig a hole to plant a cucumber plant. Josiah, Orla and Zayman also chose to plant a cucumber plant.  Once all of the cucumbers were planted, Cruz and Nicholas each dug a hole to place a pumpkin plant.  Hugo held the watering cans for everyone, then each of the children took turns to water their own plant.  We look forward to watching our plants grow and cooking with them in the new year.

Thank you ,
Jenny, Kati and Ainsley