Project Bucephalus - Roboclub at Elonera

In Robo Club classes students learn how to design, build, and program their own robots. Robo Club can be a fun way to learn about science, technology, engineering and math. The Robo Club curriculum contains lessons and games designed to develop robotics, engineering, and programming skills. Catering to both beginner and advanced students, activities are mixed between single-week challenges and multi-week projects.

The weekly class allows students at Elonera Montessori a regular opportunity to develop basic robotics and programming skills with a structured format.

Students have the opportunity to form a First Lego League team to enter competitions. Classes are run by Wollongong based “Project Bucephalus” a FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) team made up from home-schooled children aged 9-16.

Cost: Parents pay for these sessions as an after-school activity. Rates vary from $16.50 per student (where student or school provides a Lego Mindstorm kit) to $27.50 per student where all equipment (computer and MindStorm kit) is provided. Students pay by the school term (in advance, by week 4).

Further information Project Bucephalus -

Andrew Clark - Project Bucephalus Coach, 0403 390 547 FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL)