Stage 1 - Term 2 Newsletter

Elonera Montessori – Stage 1, Term 2 Newsletter

The whole school celebrated Harmony Day in the courtyard towards the end of Term 1.  All students were provided small canvases to paint a self-portrait and the Stage 1 students assisted Akila with decorating the cake with the eldest and youngest school students cutting the cake.


•             Sense and respond to a feeling of belonging

•             Communicating their needs for comfort and assistance

•             Feel recognised and respected for who they are

•             Share aspects of their culture with the other children and adults

•             Develop their social and cultural heritage through engagement and others


•             Begin to recognise that they have a right to belong to many communities

•             Demonstrating a sense of belonging and comfort in their environment

•             Become aware of connections, similarities and differences between people

Stage 1 Physical Education has recently seen the children experience Fit-Ball exercises, and fundamental movement including Balancing, Swinging, Jumping and ball skills.

The Term 2 program is as follows:

•             Fundamental movement: hopping, jumping, rolling, leaping, galloping, running.

•             Ball handling skills: catching, throwing, stationary dribbling, underarm rolling,                      kicking.

•             Sports Specific: Field Hockey (skills and game), Soccer (skills and game) and                      an introduction to Tennis.

Preparing Food for Morning Tea is an important part of the Montessori program. It helps children to:

•             become independent

•             promote self-efficacy

•             develop motor skills of the hand and wrist

•             aid adaptation to the children’s cultural context

•             enjoy and appreciate different foods

•             provide an opportunity for community activity and;

•             provides a firm foundation in reality       

As part of his International Baccalaureate CAS (Community Action Service) program a Year 11 student visited Stage 1 to assist the children with their reading.    


Towards the end of Term 1 children assisted with making Pumpkin scones with a home-grown pumpkin one of the children had brought to class.

Children diced the pumpkin and mixed ingredients learning how to rub the butter and flour and then knead the dough.

Students from Stage 2 presented the picture books they had written, illustrated and bound to the children taking them in small groups.  The students read well and with enthusiasm allowing for question time at the end of the story.   

 Clean Up Australia Day students donned gloves and participated in cleaning up the Stage 1 playground and particularly enjoyed using the rubbish tongs!


Students also had the opportunity to visit the chickens in the High School and enjoyed holding and petting them under the watchful supervision of the high school students.

The Kinetic Sand from Australian Geographic has provided children with an enjoyable sensorial opportunity. This is a non-toxic sand which never dries out and sticks to itself.  It is soft and stretchy and can be easily moulded into various shapes.

The sun shone beautifully for Mother’s Day Morning Tea in the garden.  Children enjoyed the outside activities, showing their parents around and enjoying a little treat…or two!