OOSH Report


Children of all ages particularly enjoy the open ended activities in OOSH that include:

 - ball games: soccer, soccer ball juggling; ball throwing through targets; dodge ball

 - sandpit play with rocks, water, sand, trucks, sand pit tools and other objects from nature such as sticks, leaves and sand. They cooperatively use their creative engineering skills and imagination to build landscapes and buildings for various scenarios that they enact.

"The Hill" is used for a variety of games: playing and running over; imaginary games; sliding with cardboard. The Stage 1 children in particular continue to engage in cardboard sliding with great enjoyment and lots of laughter as they slide in singles, pairs and groups and tumble about on the soft fall material.

The recycled cardboard has been most popular this year and at different times serves as construction material for cubbies; slide material such as skis and toboggans; mats & meeting places; and material for craft making, art and construction of other objects. It is often combined with other objects to enhance a play area.

Two of the Stage 3 girls have procured the area under the sun protective roof to practice gymnastics and dance moves. They are often joined by boys and girls who are then organised under their expert tutelage into creative games and 'competitions' to practice their skills in coordination, strength, balance and agility in floor and 'beam' activities. This sometimes includes circus tricks and human pyramid balances. 

A couple of the children like to help to prepare and serve afternoon tea to their friends when they all come in. This includes practicing personal hygienetable preparation, cutting and organising the food and serving it.

Sometimes small groups like to gather around the tables to chat; play board games; construct objects or draw, make craft or colour in.

The children play happily in the spirit of inclusion, respect and mutual cooperation. It makes us smile to see them organising themselves with ease and confidence, as well as looking out for each other while they are having a good time.