IB Diploma Programme Showcase - Biology

IB Diploma Programme



Our 4 IB Biology students delivered a fascinating talk on whether it's likely that life exists in another part of the universe. The students took us on a journey from the beginnings of life in the primordial chemical soup to our future exploration on Mars. Lara, Jack, Maira and Gabby drew an excellent line connecting the Miller and Urey experiment, Fermi's paradox, the Drake equation, the concept of the Great Filter and evolution to deliver an excellently produced and presented IB showcase. A huge well done.

Carlos Hubbard Biology


Sports, Exercise and Health Science

Year 11 Sports, Exercise and Science students put parents and fellow IB/HS students through their paces as they presented some of the major content of the Cardio Respiratory Exercise topic that we are currently studying. Lance educated everyone on the heart through description and handling of an actual lamb's heart. His station was aptly named 'Cupid's heart'. Edan had his own hands on activity and very professionally articulated and pointed out the structures and functions of a "pluck". The pluck was composed of a trachea, bronchii, lungs, heart and liver. Those who were game used a drinking straw to blow up the lung tissue and we were able to see just how far the organ can expand. Lily set up five light microscopes with different microscopic specimens on each. Participants were given a description of red bone marrow tissue, white bone marrow tissue, cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle and lung tissue and challenged to identify which was which. Finally, Adrian and Viliame looked at the respiratory system and specifically spirometry. Adrian explained the terminology around spirometry and how to read a trace while Viliame had a lot of fun with his school made spirometer which he used to measure the forced vital capacity (FVC) of participants.

Chris Peach SEHS