Primary News

News from the Primary- Term 2

After a busy and productive first term, we are excited to be back in the classroom and look forward to continuing with the progress made over the previous months. Some important events happening in Term 2 for the parents, teachers and children are the return of the Primary Showcases and a Montessori Materials Parent Information Session on May 18. The Year 3 and Year 5 primary students will also be undertaking their NAPLAN literacy and numeracy tests from the 10th to the 12th May.

It is also important to reflect on our many activities and achievements since the last newsletter. On March 17 we celebrated Saint Patricks Day. Students were able to express their creative sides by creating paper four leaf clovers to represent good luck. This allowed students to learn about certain details of the Irish culture in a fun and engaging way.

One March 18 we celebrated Harmony Day. Harmony day was a great opportunity for students to gain a deeper appreciation of diversity. Students engaged in discussions during which they spoke about the importance of diversity and culture and shared personal stories about their own backgrounds. Students also created individual self-portraits which were then used for a lovely whole school display.


We welcomed parents last term to assist with art lessons on each of our stage two classes. It is always a pleasure to be working together with parents and students as a whole school community.


We have also had some valuable cross-stage experiences. For example, our High School students invited Primary to come and observe newly hatched chickens. Understanding and appreciating the natural world is an important part of personal development and we appreciate the opportunity given to our students by the High School. Stage 3 has also continued to visit the stage two classes to read with our students. This peer learning helps to foster skills in leadership and teamwork.

What's happening in Stage 3? There is extensive individual work, creative endeavours, research and group projects. There are also WOW- sentences on the Great Wall of Words. What are WOW-sentences? They are created by the students and then submitted by Friday to Michael who selects the pieces. Here are some examples of the creativeness of Stage 3 students from Term 1.

Our teachers have also been learning from each other. As part of our Companion Program, all teachers spent some time observing each other and providing feedback in term one. Observations are a useful way of identifying effective classroom strategies and sharing ideas and knowledge with one another. This is part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring that we are always improving as educators.

To commemorate Anzac Day, we undertook a number of activities. Anzac Day is one of Australia’s most historically significant days, and as such the students took part in group discussions about its importance. They learned more about the history surrounding the Anzacs and Anzac Day itself by reading books on the topic. Students also participated in some hands on activities including crafting poppy flowers and baking Anzac Biscuits.


We hope our students have enjoyed the many experiences over the past few months and are proud of their progress. We look forward to more wonderful experiences and learning throughout the rest of the year.