Outside at OOSH

In light of last week’s storms, the OOSH children decided to construct a complex cubby house from fallen branches. Through teamwork and assistance from the OOSH supervisors, the children thoroughly enjoyed cooperating on the project. All children present contributed to the construction of the cubby, and many continued to reconstruct and enjoy the cubby house for the following week. The project continues to be a centre of enthusiastic teamwork, and the children have showed strong signs of cooperation and enjoyment while working on it. The experience was something new and exciting for the OOSH children, and the prospect of using the materials available to create something for everyone has proven to be an enjoyable experience for all age groups, OOSH supervisors included.

As the weather becomes colder and children are often required to stay inside due to rain, activities such as chess and reading becomes increasingly popular, primarily among the older OOSH children. Supervisors and children alike enjoy the strategy and the challenge involved with chess, and although the competitiveness remains, sportsmanship is consistently encouraged and practised.