News from the High School

AFL workshops

Viliame in Year 11 has been conducting some fairly intensive AFL workshops which focus on skills development and strategy as part of his Creativity Activity and Service component of his IB Diploma Programme. As we enter Week 6 of his project, students are about to play their first game this Thursday. Vil is to be congratulated for the determined and thorough structure he has brought to these sessions and for the skills he has developed in the Year 7-10 students, including but not limited to flexibility, teamwork, ball skills and planning. There has always been a sense of seriousness and fun at these sessions and we look forward to the game this week.

Letters to Maria

This project is running in conjunction with our 30th anniversary year where we hope to gain the insights of our past students, parents and staff of Elonera about what a Montessori education has meant to them. We would love to be able to gather these submissions into a collection of sorts and would really appreciate your passing on the message to anyone you may know who would be interested in contributing. The flyer is attached and we would love to have your thoughts be a part of what could be a world first!

Year 6 transition

Our Year 7, 2017 will begin their visits this week and into next term by way of transitioning into the high School. If you have not yet submitted your application for next year, please notify the office staff as we have begun interviewing applicants this past week.

Term 2 Reports/Parent-teacher conferences 

Thank you to all parents for booking and attending our parent-teacher conferences held last Tuesday. If you were unable to attend and/or would like to meet with any of the teachers you did not get to see on the evening, please email Alex on or contact the front office and leave a message so that we can arrange a suitable time.

Homeless sleepover 

In developing caring, reflective and principled young men and women, some 14 students across Year 7-12 took part in the Annual Vinnies Homeless sleepout last Thursday, June 23rd. Their participation showed their commitment to raise awareness of homelessness and generate some funds for much needed services. Their makeshift housing was quite ingenious as they transformed the courtyard into a fireplace and various sleeping quarters with the use of yoga mats, cardboard, doonas, blankets, sleeping bags, pillows and a fair share of treats and snacks to take the edge off the cold which reached 9°C overnight. Students are continuing to raise funds until next term so if anyone would like to donate and show their support for this important achievement please donate online at and go to 'find fundraiser' and type in the school name.

Thank you also to Maira Sykes, Year 11, for organizing the event and providing the soup kitchen (along with mum, Jacqui, to make sure our “homeless for the night” were fed and warmed.