Primary News ~ Term 2

 The students have been continuing to settle into their routines and classroom environment. All students are being responsible for watering and to taking care of their plant in the classroom.  Roles and responsibilities within each classroom environment help the students to work together as a team. They are developing skills to take turns, ensure their classroom is in order, organised, clean and tidy. These are all a part of our Grace and Courtesy lessons, which are implemented daily.

The students have been discussing how to create and maintain a peaceful classroom by collaborating their ideas on how they can be more mindful in the classroom. Montessori’s vision of peace involves social harmony, love, justice, the pursuit of knowledge and the co-operation of individuals and groups for the betterment of humanity. This peace is an active rather than a passive state. Maria Montessori also believed that the world could attain a genuine state of peace if individuals were first at peace with themselves. The primary years are a time for acquiring social and moral responsibility. The culture of respect: one’s words and actions, remains fundamental to the promotion of peace. The students are learning effective means of communicating information and emotions. We have had group discussions about ‘bullying’ and what it means. We looked at our ‘Charter of Respect’ in which all students signed at the beginning of the year.

On Thursday 26th of May the students celebrated Sorry Day. They participated in a whole class group discussion about what Sorry Day is and why we recognise this day for the indigenous people. The children enjoyed listening to a variety of Dreamtime stories and were involved in craft activities such as making an Aboriginal flag.

                                                           Mother’s Day celebrations

This term we celebrated Mother’s Day. The students were able to demonstrate their Grace and Courtesy by helping to serve the mothers refreshments for the Mother’s Day morning tea. The mothers were also given cards from their children that they had prepared earlier. This was a fun event for all and a great opportunity to show appreciation to our mothers for all that they do.