Primary News

At the end of Term 2 the primary students enjoyed their excursion to the ‘Science Centre’.

Stage 3 enjoyed the theatrical displays of a ‘Liquid Nitrogen Show’ where they learnt the freezing power of a substance (LN2) that was -197˚C, pretty cool stuff if you ask me. The different experimental equipment also allowed for many students to be inquisitive of the different technologies that are related to the sciences. Some items were new to those who had been before, while those who had ‘been there and done that’ were quite happy to do it all again.

Looking forward to the next excursion!  

The Stage 2 students have begun Term 3 by revisiting the schools “Charter of Respect” and discussing their classroom guidelines. Each stage will be looking at the outside rules and discussing any changes that may need to be done. Then together we will be recreating our new outside rules for all students to follow and respect.