Stage One News


Baran’s Grandfather Hassan Mirabedini is a Dentist and joined us last week to present to the children a short video and demonstration on how to brush your teeth.  The children brought their brushes in to participate.



In the Montessori Classroom the morning circle time is important for the classroom community to come together and to greet one another. It's also a time where the Directress might review concepts such as calendar, time, and weather or introduce a new work or group lesson. Here the children sit quietly on the mat and take turns talking about the experiences they had on the weekend.


Madi is taking the children for Italian every Tuesday.  They are learning Italian words for colours, animals and greetings along with songs.


On Thursday afternoon Akila presented to parents the Montessori Mathematic materials.  Starting with a formal introduction to the Number Rods, which is the first lesson in the Montessori Maths Curriculum.  Children learn the names 1-10 and associate the names with the quantities.  After this comes the Teen Board where children learn to associate the symbols 11-19 with the quantities.  Akila presented the simple Addition with Golden Beads to understand the process of addition and provide a concrete experience of the Decimal System.  She also presented Addition Stripboard, which introduces addition numbers to your child in abstract form using equations. Here she is presenting the Addition with Golden Beads activity.  Parents enjoyed working on the materials.

 Early Counting – Children pick up simple number ideas from their everyday experiences. A child might be able to say she has two sisters and able to point her fingers and count up to five or ten. Knowing how to count is one thing. Using the skills is quite another. It is the Directress’s task to discover how real this knowledge is, clarify it, consolidate it and gradually extend it.

From Concrete to Abstract – Young children are aware of things in their environment. They become aware of single object and also set of objects.  They are encouraged to make sets with moveable objects. Sorting activities increase their awareness of a set of objects. Montessori specially designed her apparatus for teaching mathematical concepts so that the gap from concrete to abstract is made smaller.