Long Day Care News

The Long Day Care has been in operation for five weeks, but it seems to have flown by!  We have been so busy and have enjoyed....
  • Having the PTP children come on Wednesday and Thursday mornings
  • Making friends
  • Cutting up morning tea together
  • Having morning tea together
  • Making orange juice.
  • Taking a nap after a very busy morning!
  • Feeding and patting the chickens
  • Peeling and slicing apples
  • Making pasta
  • Talking to the big kids
  • Cutting, gluing and shredding
  • Hopping, jumping and skipping
  • Painting, drawing, matching
  • Exploring with all of our senses
  • Washing, mopping, sweeping
  • Window washing

And so much more!

Jenny, Ainsley and Kati