IB News

Year 11 Showcase: Theory of Knowledge & Mathematics

On Friday 9th September, Year 11 IB students presented a Math and TOK showcase to visiting TIGS students, as well as parents and other guests. In Mathematics students did an amazing job discussing probability, chance, data, statistics and other quite complex mathematical concepts. In Theory of Knowledge one group explored the question: ‘To what extent can we trust our senses?’, and the other explored the question: ‘Can we establish the truth beyond a reasonable doubt?’ The students are to be commended on their critical and creative thinking, and their ability to explain quite complicated concepts to their audience. 

Mock Exams

Over the past two weeks the Year 12 IB students have undertaken mock exams in the hall. These examinations are vital in providing students with an indication of their progress in the lead up to their finals in November.

 Visual Art Exhibition

THE IB ARTS is an annual exhibition of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Visual Arts student artworks created by Elonera Montessori School IB graduates. The exhibition features the works of Phoebe Isedale, Lance Ludwig and Year 11 Diploma Programme Visual Arts students, exploring their artistic journeys through nature, the local environment, design and culture. Diverse in media and style, this exemplary display of artworks showcases photography, digital media, drawing, sculpture, design, textiles, time-based art and lens media. This year it highlights an additional exhibition Fragments of Light, which unveils photography and digital media created by stage 5 students focusing on place and culture. Both shows will run concurrently at the same venue. The official opening will take place at 6pm on Tuesday 20th September 2016, the exhibitions will be open from 4pm until 9pm on 20th September at the Clifton School of Arts, 338 Lawrence Hargrave Drive Clifton NSW.