Primary News

Children’s Book Week 2016

The theme this year was Australia: Story Country. During this week the children at Elonera were encouraged to immerse themselves in a range of stories; to read them, to listen to them, to think about them, and to go on to share them with others. The older children read books to the younger ones. Stage 3 to Stage 2 and Stage 2 in turn to children in Stage 1. Furthermore, our Head of School Chris Peach visited the Primary children sharing great Australian literature with them. The children enjoyed participating in craft experiences related to these books. There was also a possibility for the Primary children to dress up as their favourite character. Top classics and great surprises were spotted on the school grounds.

Peer Support

Throughout Term 3, Stage 2 and 3 have been participating as a Peer Support unit. Peer-to-peer learning fosters a sense of community throughout the primary school and encourages older students to work with the younger ones. Inspired by the recent Olympic Games, we collaborated to create an origami representation of the Olympic Rings. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to socialise and have some hands-on craft time.

Worm Farm

In week 8 the children were very excited to welcome and help set up our new worm farm, located in the primary playground. The Long Day Care children joined us for this experience. A big thank you to Ross and Gail for setting up this experience and providing the very healthy worms. Gail explained to the children how to take care of the worms by sharing what they can and can not eat. The children had the opportunity to carefully place the worms in the first layer of the farm. Each class now have their own worm scrap bucket to collect food for the worms and will be taking turns in feeding the worms on a weekly basis. Stage 3 are in the process of setting up their farm. The worm farm is a practical life experience that the children will take responsibility for.

Father’s Day Afternoon Tea

This term we celebrated Father’s Day with an afternoon tea. The students were able to demonstrate their culinary talent by preparing a delicious collection of baked goods. The fathers were welcomed by the children offering them refreshments. The children also had an opportunity to share the work they been doing at school. It was a pleasure to have so many fathers attend this event.

Fun Run

The Primary School participated in the annual Elonera Fun Run. With the rumour of rain earlier in the week replaced with a beautiful sunny day, we could tell that we were in for a treat. The huge number of parent volunteers made for smooth sailing between the different events. The events included High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus and multiple distances of running. There were some great individual efforts on the day with some students running lap after lap. Thank you to all involved.