News from the High School

The highlight of recent events in the High School over this term has been the opportunity to have parents involved and joining us for a range of activities. Most recent of these was the Fathers’ day lunch held last Thursday where we were host to approximately 13 extras who joined us during our Occupations lunch. Students catered the event and spoke fondly about their fathers and what Fathers’ Day means as an opportunity to recognize and value the important men in their lives. Many thanks to those who could attend. It was quite delightful to watch the interactions.


Our Showcase, held in week 4, was also well attended with students giving presentations and sitting on various panels around History and geography subjects. We also had a number of recitals and a performance piece (where parents were required to be blindfolded) of T.S.Eliot’s “The Waste Land”.  Parent feedback was excellent with a few suggestions for what they would like to see in future events.

40 hr famine sleepover

Jack Hopkins’ (Year 11) CAS event was much anticipated and, although challenging, students seemed to enjoy the ordeal. Forts were built, games played and rooms were decorated to ease the pain of going without.

Frida Kahlo

Stage 5 and 6 art students became immersed in the world of Frida Kahlo as they ate Mexican and watched the film in anticipation of their exhibition viewing of Kahlo’s works in Week 6.

Literacy planet winners

Congratulations to Stage 4 on their Literacy Planet win. Your winning prize of board games has arrived!

Upcoming events include Year 6 visiting to assist Stage 4 with their Science projects on Wednesday 7th September and a Year 5 High School morning visit on the same day.