High School News

We are delighted to announce the much- awaited construction of our pizza oven last Wednesday, October 11th!

The oven was acquired as a donation from a local supplier by one of last year's Year 12 students, Luca Dragone, as part of his Creativity Activity and Service. Upon its arrival, the task of construction became quite daunting and it was truly the persistence of a small group of our Stage 5 students whose attention to process and detail has allowed it to happen. Many thanks to Matt and Eric Temple (one of our dads) who worked with the students in developing their bricklaying skills. A small team continues to be dedicated to the finishing touches with a mosaic project planned and the flue installation. Stay tuned for news of the first batch of pizzas. 

In response to "Meeting in the Middle", the coming together of practitioners in adolescent programs across Australia and New Zealand which we hosted in September, the High School team are excited to be implementing some dynamic changes to our timetable. Occupations and community work will enter our days on three afternoons, linked to curriculum and to the core tenets of a Montessori Adolescent program. This will strengthen the 3-hour morning work cycle and still allow opportunities for nurturing community and, of course, sharing in our Wednesday lunch and branching into aspects of service across the school.

Our Philosophy class is quite inspirational to teach and truly allows for expression of many of the honourable aspects in these adolescents. earlier in the year we explored the concept of "Dignity" which students found difficult to define. In reflecting upon this, please find below a few of our students' response. It is not surprising, given that adolescence is a sensitive period for music, that music featured in a few of our responses:

"Music/piano: Music is an art used to express emotions that words cannot communicate toward the other person. Music is a way of life for some people and has saved many others. I believe for us to have created something so beautiful and so fulfilling for other people and their lifestyles, that becomes the embodiment of 'dignity". That deserves our respect and oozes dignity".

"My travel journal": For me this represents dignity in a few different ways, First off, I have written in this on several holidays. I can read back on out and see how I've developed over the years which allows me to feel dignified as I can see my progression. Also, this allows me to understand and appreciate how fortunate I've been to be able to travel and gain new experiences, which to me is a quality of dignity".

Perhaps, next edition, there will be news from Marx and the Existentialists who inform our current area of study!