Our trip to Rome and our visit to the first Montessori School

Our trip to Rome and the first Montessori School - The Fagnano Family
While visiting Rome this year we thought we'd try to find the first Montessori school established by Maria Montessori in 1907.

With address in hand we went walking around San Lorenzo in the hopes we would find it. It wasn't at all easy, and  making many wrong turns, as you can imagine the street signs are hardly visible and long faded with no numbers anywhere in sight. 

Just before throwing the towel in we asked a lady who pointed us in the right direction, finally we had arrived at this very discreet building that if it wasn't for a small sign we probably would have walked right past.

We walked inside a huge wooden door that gave way to a small corridor which then led to a beautiful courtyard, you could already imagine children playing here. We noticed an elderly man walking in with his shopping bags, we asked him where the school was? He showed us the entrance and added, "My daughter went to school here 30 years ago!" 

We met a teacher while she was giving a lesson, the children were inquisitive to know who these unexpected strangers were. The teacher told us everything is just as it was in the early days. There are 2 classrooms with about 20 children in each classroom. They have a vegetable garden and when the veggies are ripe they make a shared lunch together.

The building itself is very simple and the classrooms aren't big or very fancy but it felt like a very happy place, with the children working independently and looking after each other and their environment.

What an unforgettable experience, even with our sore legs!

The Fagnano Family