Elonera Robotics Club

Congratulations to our First Lego League Team ‘Croctopus’ for their performance at the Wollongong Regional Tournament! They were awarded the presentation award which recognises a team that effectively communicates their research problem and proposed solution to the judges. This is what the judges had to say about the team:
“The team presented in rules of eight
They dramatized and costumised to create
A production of Broadway renown
That will knock off your socks and leave you spellbound”
The team researched wasting water in the shower, and their proposed solution was an ‘Awesome Shower Water Recycling System’ or Awesome SWRS for short.
The team also did very well in the robot game coming in 9th overall. They displayed their ‘Gracious Professionalism’ when the robot didn’t quite behave as expected, and it was wonderful to see the team proactively come together and make last minute adjustments to the robot during their afternoon break.
We would love to see more kids participate next year!