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Stage 2T and 2E News
In Stage 2, we have been discussing the importance of maintaining a healthy body through a nutritious diet, exercise, plenty of rest and sleep. We practice quiet mediation/mindfulness and relaxation with the students on a regular basis. We would like to remind and encourage all parents of the importance of consistent routines at home to ensure each student is well rested for their school days. It is extremely important for all children to have a nutritious diet and lunch boxes at school to ensure their energy levels can be maintained throughout the day. Please refer to the Parent Handbook on page 27 for a list of healthy snack and lunch ideas.
This term, the students have been discussing the EMS ‘Charter of Respect’, addressing the importance for each student to understand their role and responsibility as a member of our school and class. At the beginning of each year the students and teachers read over and sign the ‘Charter of Respect’ together. This document is also given out to families at the beginning of their enrolment. It is paramount that all parents to read the ‘Charter of Respect’ together with their child to ensure we continue to have positive relationships and consistency between the school and home environments. We have attached a copy of this for revision reading with your child.  We have also been discussing and reminding the students to look at our ‘THINK’ Before You Speak poster in each class when dealing with social situations. T- Is it TrueH- Is it Helpful, I- Is it Inspiring, N- Is it Necessary and K- Is it Kind.
A part of the Montessori philosophy is to foster and instill these items outlined in the ‘Charter of Respect’ through our ongoing grace and courtesy lessons during school time. Each class discusses their classroom rules on a daily basis, reflecting together about the day, sharing the great things from the day and the areas we could improve on. At the beginning of each week we have a class meeting to discuss items we may need to work on as a whole class and be mindful of for that week. Please see the below example:
We will be mindful to:

  • Remember quiet inside voices
  • Push chairs under
  • Use kind words
  • Walk inside the classroom

Another area we continue to work on with the students in Stage 2 is their independent skills and freedom within limits. We encourage the students to calmly enter their classroom space, greet their teachers and start to plan out their day. Over the three-hour work cycle the students have the freedom to move around their large classroom environment to complete work tasks. Students are given the freedom and opportunity to make their own choice about the order they complete these task and whether choosing to work with a partner for a particular job. However, if students forgot the classroom rules and the school’s ‘Charter of Respect’, then this freedom of choice will then be scaffold by the teacher to ensure the classroom is not disrupted and the student is supported to best suit their learning needs.  We give the students natural consequences if they are unable to follow the classroom rules.
“To let the child do as he likes when he has not yet developed any powers of control is to betray the idea of freedom.” Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind
Any true Montessori environment encourages children to move about freely and choose their own work within reasonable limits of appropriate behaviour.
“The liberty of the child ought to have as its limits the collective interest of the community in which he moves; its form is expressed in what we call manners and good behaviour. it is our duty then to protect the child from doing anything which may offend or hurt others, and to check the behaviour which is unbecoming or impolite. But as regards all else, every action that has a useful purpose, whatever it may be and in whatever forms it shows itself, ought not only to be permitted, but it ought to be kept under observation, that is the essential point.”  Maria Montessori, Discovery of the Child
Please click on the link to read in more detail freedom within limits in a Montessori environment.
‘Elonera’ is an Aboriginal word that means, ‘a happy place for children’ and this is what we always aim for in our classes.
In art and craft, the students have been involved in a variety of fun craft experiences including; mandala pictures, Halloween masks, acrostic poems and spider paintings. They have also been creating art that have an Aboriginal perspective and learning about Pablo Picasso, creating artworks based around his ideas. We have been busy practicing our performance dance for the end of year concert in Week 8. Our theme is ‘Elvis Presley’ this year and notes for what to wear on the day will go out soon. On Tuesday the 31st students enjoyed having the opportunity to dress up for Halloween in their favourite costume and were encouraged to write a description about their costume, developing writing skills.
We would like to inform the families that swimming is now being held in Term 1, 2018 instead of this term. We will continue to practice our end of school performance for the remainder of this term.
Thank you,
Tracey and Erica
Stage 2 Directresses

Stage 3 has been working since before the holidays to design, construct and build some new garden beds in the front area outside their classroom. This new space will be open to the whole school as a community garden. We have already had contributions from Elliot and Raymond from the high school in helping us mulch the surrounding areas, thanks guys, much appreciated. We started the process with a big delivery of wood to the front area, which we quickly moved so we could start construction of five separate 2.4m by 1.2m by 0.6m garden beds. The students could not hide their enthusiasm for the project, as they didn’t want to stop or take a break until the job was done.

The construction started making five different beds with the hope to make enough space for the whole school to enjoy the space. The construction of the lower levels gave life to the children’s designs.

Once the soil was delivered, the children were at it again. Discussing strategies to get the best production going from shovels and buckets to the wheel-borrow. Working as a great team, they worked non-stop until playtime and a lunch break.

As these works were in play, other students were planning what we would grow, starting to germinate the seeds for planting. We have planted lettuce, spinach, carrots, strawberries, sunflowers, tomatoes, beetroots, zucchinis and herbs.  With the planting finished and the garden beds full, we needed to put some mulch down for the highly anticipated foot traffic that these garden beds are likely experience.

Over the break and first few weeks not much was happening we, made sure to water the beds every day. Currently we can see that the children’s hard work and great enthusiasm has paid off. We are looking forward to a crop of vegetable that we can share with the different Stages around the school before the end of term. This project has been a rewarding and difficult process for the Stage 3 children, it really showed how they value the practical life aspects and working with their hands to create things that will remain part of the school for many years to come.

The children of Stage 3 feel like they have designed and constructed something that will be sustainable and continue to give to the school community.
We are all looking forward to seeing what crops are going to sprout up over the next few weeks.

Amy and Michael