News from the Long Day Care

t's so wonderful to be back after the long summer break and see how big all of our children have become!  We have had a wonderful time so far, welcoming so many new children and families.  The Long Day Care is really buzzing now with lots of energy, work and independence.

The children had a real treat when the tree loppers came and trimmed one of our big gum trees.  It was so interesting watching the workers use all of their tools and climb that big tree.  We decided to have morning tea outside and as you can see all eyes were on the tree.

We love our new outdoor space, and have enjoyed lots of water play on these hot, hot days.  Our favourite day is Monday - garbage day!  We love to see the big trucks come by and tip the bins into the container.  We usually get a wave from the driver.

We have been busy in the classroom with lots of new activities - wet and dry pouring, transferring, new puzzles and new Montessori materials- as well as out of the classroom - visiting the chickens, participating in an art class run by the Yr 12 students, having sport in the hall and cooking banana muffins.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the Teddy Bear Picnic!

From the LDC staff and children.