News from the High School

Our year has begun at a fast pace with preparations for 30th Anniversary Celebrations and the Otford to Bundeena Hike. The latter, which took place last week amidst some very warm conditions, showed that students have resilience and determination. Students carried in their food, packs and their tents on their first day walk to North Era (a 5 hr trek). The next day proved more demanding with weather conditions quite hot and the 18km walk more exposed. Students and teachers felt the pressure, and reported that  students shared their weight and supported those who struggled. Trudging into Bonnie Vale, all looked beaten but "Dr Pacific" worked its magic, as did a short rest and a hearty meal of BBQ sausages, fruit and pavlova. A deep and sincere thank you to Carlos, Lukas, Kati and Amy who gave their time, comfort and energy to support the students on this experience. Many stories and memories were made and lessons learned along the trip with the bonds between students quite visibly altered  as they have emerged victorious through the hardship. The experience will also form a basis for further development of curriculum and friendships formed and  strengthened.

Other news involves students' study of Italian with Valentine's Day cards made and masks created to commemorate "Carnevale" which officially begins this week.
Stage 5 students have begun Elective Philosophy, offered for the first time in a number of years, due to high level of student interest. This is an Elonera developed course which has been approved by NESA (The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) replaced the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES) on 1 January 2017). Students are currently exploring the beginnings of philosophical thought before moving on to an examination of the big questions of philosophy through the year. If any parents have a passion for a particular area of philosophy we would love for you to join or present to our class.

Occupations continues with students planning, shopping and preparing food and developing their enterprises for the fete. We look ahead to the Term 3 when Elonera will be hosting the Meeting in the Middle workshop for all practitioners of Montessori Adolescent workshops in Australia and the Pacific region.