Primary News

International Mother Tongue Day

International Mother Tongue Day was a great success for Primary. Children brought in foods from their cultural backgrounds to share, and we had a multicultural feast with foods from Greece, Italy, India, Pakistan, Serbia, the U.K., Germany and more! The children all sat together to eat so they could share in the experience as a group. In the Stage 3 classroom, we shared the recipes with the class and also had the high school visit to discuss the history and importance of Mother Tongue Day.

School Fete

Despite less than desirable weather, the school fete was a big success with Primary making important contributions in raising funds for the school. Students in Stage 2 supplied jelly cups and home-made lemonade, while students in Stage 3 contributed with individual initiatives. Primary was generously supported by parents and students volunteering their time and resources and we are grateful for your help, as well as everyone who attended on the day.

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Students are being treated to five weeks of bowling on Monday afternoons throughout this term. Bowling is a social and widely enjoyed sport that caters for all abilities. Now three weeks in, students have been developing their skills and learning the details of this sport. Importantly, they have also been having a lot of fun.