Outside time

Children in the LDC always love playing outside. One of their favourite games to play is “Hide and Seek”. Not only is it fun for the children but it also has other cognitive and emotional benefits. It helps the children to use their imagination and help develop problem solving skills, such as where the best place to hide is and how to find their friends. It also fosters social and emotional development as most of the students join in on the game, which strengthens their bonds with their peers; they also learn to take turns and how to work as a team to find the remaining hiding children.

The LDC also recently acquired a slide for the children to play on. The children have once again shown how amazing their imaginations are. They have not only used it as a slide, but they have also enjoyed walking up down the slide improving their balance and coordination; they have enjoyed rolling balls along the length of the slide and testing their strength to see if the ball will make it to the other side; they have also enjoyed pushing cars down the slide, testing gravity; the slide has also taken the form of boat, when most of the students sat on the slide,  pretended to use a rake or a broom as paddle and sang ‘Row, Row, Row your Boat’.

Inside time

Recently the school celebrated ‘Harmony Day’. While the children in the LDC did not go to the hall for the poems and the speeches, we did celebrate in our own special way. The children coloured in the template of a man in different colours to represent the different ethnicities of not only our school but the whole world. We then made a little banner with the figures, sticking them together holding hands representing peace and harmony for all people.

Another one of the children’s favourite indoor activities is listening to stories. Sometimes the children take a book and sit on their own, looking at the picture, recalling the story which has previously been read to them or using the pictures to make up their own story. Other times, the children enjoy gathering around and listening to a story or nursery rhyme as a group. Listening to stories has numerous benefits for the children. It helps increase their vocabulary and attention span; it helps the children learn about the world around them; it helps children deal with real life problems and emotions; And instils a love of books and reading.