High School News


The High School have been quite active in Occupations. Some 20 students have been working with Stage 2 and 3 students in a reading program for 20 minutes each Wednesday. It is lovely to watch the care and calm in their exchanges. Aside from cooking and planning for 40 people each week, students have also been taking part in some maintenance work, pruning the olive tree, mulching the branches and painting the front railing outside the art room. This is very valuable work which will continue next term, with a special project being the design and construction of our pizza oven.

Students have been involved in a number of other projects throughout the school. Stage 4 presented an activity for International Women's Day to Stage 3, and a group of Stage 5 students presented on Black matter. In class, Last Friday saw the preparations for battle in Harvey's Castle siege activity and Stage 5 Philosophy have been transported back to Plato's time to consider his ideas on Forms, true knowledge, the immortality of the soul and the equality of women.

Term 1 progress reports were sent out last Friday. These are a reflection of the calibre of students we have at Elonera as well as of the staff who work with them. Comments were insightful and reflected a real knowledge and effort to capture a whole picture of our students. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss any aspects of the report. 

A thank you to the students who attended our High School information evening for Primary families. Your being there would have sent a very positive message to visiting families.  Kayla, Abby, Heather and Abbey were excellent ambassadors.

Year 5 students visited the High School last week for a "Bath Bomb" morning. Their work was based around the making and study of bath bombs with emphasis on Science, Maths, History and English.   Attached are Lianha's and Hiba's poems "Bombs in the Bath" made up of a cut-up poetry activity from a class brainstorm. Student feedback was very positive with requests for more visits. It was a pleasure to host such enthusiastic and wiling students. 

To end off our report but still in the spirit of poetry are the works of two Year 7 students who along with their peers in Stage 4, have created some beautiful poems modelled on a poem called "Woman of the Future" by Cathy Wary. 

I am a child

I am the things of my past

The intelligence of my mother and the strength of my father

I am all I see

   Girls talking to each other while boys play outside

   Boys talking about video games and girls talking about TV shows

I am all I hear

   "Look you have to look after your brother"


    Fires raging and water tearing up the landscape

I am all I feel and taste

   Tough and soft with the wind wiping my face

I am all I remember

    I remember coming up out of my hiding place at the wrong time and seeing     death staring me in face

Then without a word walks up to me and places an ice cold hand on my head  

I am all I've been taught 

    Smoking will kill you very quickly

    Use life to its full extent

I am all I think 

    Secrets and lies

I am all those things

I am like a fire waiting to either keep burning or to be put out

I am a kid of the future.

                                        by Jack Penrose


Girl of the Past


I am a child.

OI am all the things of the past. 

I am the curls of my mother's hair.

Ii am the temper of my dad

     flaring up at stupid politicians.

I am all I see.

     Boys playing handball.

     Girls giggling and laughing,

     at silly things

     Radio hosts discussing the 

     latest celebrity scandal.

     Worrying about the weather 

     and the environment.

     Great bands affecting the world 

     with hard truth lullabies.

I am all I hear.

     "Feed the animals, you wanted them!"

     "Don't let them get to you."

     "All they want is a reaction>"

     Birds chirping in cool, crystal

     Autumn air,

     My hair whipping into my face 

     as a silent sea breeze blows.

I am all I feel and taste. 

     Crackling leaves under my feet.

     Slippery slopes with muddy gorges


     Sticks and stones under my

     bare feet, digging in to leave

     permanent scars.

And all I remember

     A swimming pool in afternoon shade. 

     Tall tree, standing to greet me,

     as a swing sways, gently inviting

     me into an adventure.

     I was flying in those moment.

     Just like Superman.

I am all I've been taught

     "I" before "E" except after "C".

     Mental health is not an accident, or a one way

     trip. You can start again if you try.

I am all I think.


     Never to be known.

I was all those things.

But now I am flying.

those things were a metal cage

To a bird who never saw the light of day.

     Has spread its wings and flew.

     Because I'm a girl of the past. 

                                 by Laura Smith