Be Prepared To Think - Project at Elonera Montessori School

During the next 4 weeks teachers at Elonera will be involved in the Be Prepared To Think pilot study. The purpose of this school based initiative is to present specific thinking lessons or sections of lessons according to a set of similar strategies across all subjects and stages. Last Wednesday, 10th May, the program was introduced by members of staff and well received by the 40 parents from all stages from Long Day Care to Year 12 who attended. The programme included description and application of empathy strategies such as withholding information, perspective taking and changing, building a thinking platform and ‘surfing on ambiguity’ as well as recent thinking research and its implications for Montessori education. A pleasing feature of the enthusiastic discussion and feedback has been the link that has already been made by many with similar parenting roles. After teachers have completed their analysis we are looking forward to passing on the results of this study to parents across the school for further collaboration and feedback.