High School News


Paul Marriott, the Police School Liaison Officer, spent a morning speaking with students in Years 7-10 around a range of Cybersafety issues. It was reassuring to see the students very engaged in what he had to say and to stay back to gain further clarification. His time with Year 11 and 12 was more private  and focused around a broader range of issues, in order for students to ask more candid questions.

Occupations sees the continuation of our reading program where we work with Stage 2 and 3 students in a reading program for 20 minutes each Wednesday. The High School students report seeing  progress in their buddy's reading and many have really developed a keen interest in their reading partner. The High School students continue to cook and plan as well as help out across the school in a number of capacities. Currently, our priority is the building of the pizza oven where one group has been given the brief and developed a timeline and budget to make the project happen. Our chickens continue to be happy and reasonably productive for the season. Students have been maintaining the barbecue, which has benefitted from some much needed TLC, as they noted after Mothers' Day, when students cooked a delicious breakfast for our mums who could attend.

During sport sessions, students have been hiking up Mt Keira, attempting to build up their fitness and this last week, also used the opportunity to develop a practical application to study contours in the landscape. Weather permitting, we hope to join Sydney Montessori School on a hike from Heathcote to Karloo pools this Thursday. Students are reluctant given the challenge of the 26km earlier this year but the 10km round trip will be sure to be a breeze and affirm their developing fitness. 

Students are involved in a broad range of learning activities at present. Free Will and Determinism and Mind-Body dualism has been our focus in the lead-up to our study of "The Matrix" in Philosophy. Some students are in the final stages of a compilation of a short story anthology (stay tuned) whilst others are immersed in Popular culture and revisiting key periods in our History. Our Mathematicians persist in their explorations whilst Stage 5 explore the practical applications of Physics. Stage 4 Music are studying Jazz and there are some murmurs of a possible performance opportunity for all students later in the term.

Year 6 students will visit the High School this Friday. We have a range of activities planned as part of an integrated programme.

Events that we look forward to this term, some of which students are planning include:

World Vision Future leaders conference at Sydney Convention Centre on Tuesday June 13th. 

Stage 4 Excursion to Pompeii exhibition at the Maritime Museum, Sydney on Wednesday, June 28th.

The Elonera sleep out in Week 8. Start hoarding those cardboard boxes to stave off the winter cold to raise funds and awareness for homelessness.