IB Update

Term 2 has been a busy one in the IB! After the whirlwind Fiji service learning trip (which featured in previous editions of the Elmonti), the students have a renewed sense of focus, and the Year 12 students in particular are working hard to complete their numerous pieces of internal assessment coursework for the IB. Several of the students have also been busy with further service learning initiatives through our CAS program, helping out at the French Film festival (Lil, Jackson, and Holly), as well as assisting with ‘Comicgong’, raising money for community members in need (Jackson).

Week 3 saw us attend the Illawarra School’s Careers Expo, which was an excellent opportunity for students to talk to representatives from a range of different Universities, as well as TAFE, the Defence Force, the Police force, and private colleges. This was a valuable experience for our students to help them clarify their career choices, and provide them with some direction for further study or employment once they have graduated. 

Today our Year 12 French Ab Intio students participated in a French cooking experience, making Belgian Waffles – and conducted the entire cooking lesson in French!

In week 10, on Wednesday 28th June at 6pm, we will be holding an IB and HSC information session for parents and students. This will be an important session, particularly for our Year 10 students, in order to help them decide which program they will enrol in to best suit their needs for the 2018/2019 academic cycle.

Student in the spotlight – Jack Hopkins!

My name is Jack Hopkins, and I am the vice-captain of the Australian U19 Underwater Hockey Team. I am one of the youngest on a team of 12, ranging from 16-19 years old. I was selected for the team in the 2017 National competition and since then I have been to two training camps in Tasmania and Perth. The World Competition will take place in July, in Tasmania. This will be my first “Worlds”. The competition will be about nine days with one or two games a day. In the past Australia has been the strongest country in the world with its gold medal collection being almost double than the nearest competitor. This year will include many strong competitors such as South Africa, New Zealand, Columbia and America and it is sure to be a tough competition all around.

A week of my training will usually consist of three to four swim sessions generally 2.5-3 kilometres, three hockey sessions, of which two are in Sydney and finally four cardio or strengths sessions in order to keep a balanced routine. So a typical week will usually be about ten to thirteen training sessions, roughly 15-20 hours of training a week including travel time etc. For me the greatest difficulty has been coordinating my excessive training with my school and an attempt to maintain a social life…. The IB, being as rigorous as it is, has at time been difficult to manage alongside my sporting commitments, however throughout it I have found that the most important thing has been having an attitude of accountability, with regard to both my hockey training and my studies.