High School News

In reflecting upon our first semester for 2017 in the High School, it is quite remarkable to consider the many things that fill our days. Simply watching students' physical growth is almost tangible, and witnessing students' thoughts  in action and development in their ability to articulate is yet another achievement. Changing social dynamics and refining and deepening relationships are also evident...with more to come as we look forward.

Photos of our combined hike to Karloo pools with Sutherland Shire Montessori school  students are attached. Students and staff found the location a lot less daunting than our Mt Keira hills and our overnight "jaunt" earlier in the year. Karloo seems to be a great location for future camping adventures.


Late last term, the Stage 4 Italian students visited the Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour where they explored artefacts and information about Pompeii. Our Stage 5 Commerce students made their annual trip to the Downing Centre where they saw the judicial system in action. This no doubt, provided an excellent comparison to students' short film, A Day in Court, which made its debut at our showcase at the end of term. A truly brilliant work! A group of students also attended the World Vision Global Youth Leaders conference in Darling Harbour. This is a lead-up to the 40hr backpack challenge to be held this year. We will also have a visit from a World Vision representative this week, to talk about developing leadership in action.

All students are encouraged to take part in the MS Read-a-thon. (Teachers across the school) are also embracing the spirit of reading with their own book club. First on our list is Hannah Kent's "Burial Rites."

Year 8 and 9 students are in the process of choosing electives for study next year. We will be talking through subject outlines and requirements with students and the NESA website also provides a range of information.

The weeks ahead are quite busy. All HS staff will be taking part in a Cosmic Education workshop this week from Wednesday to Saturday. Year 10 students will be involved in a yoga session for 1 hour for 3 weeks beginning this Wednesday in Fairy Meadow. This has been organised as  Community activity by two students who have also organised fundraising to help subsidise costs. Another group will be involved in cooking for a local Homeless shelter in a few week's time. 

Further afield is our hosting of Meeting in the Middle, a national conference of Montessori Adolescent program practitioners. Plans are well underway and students will begin to plan their catering of the 3-4 day event. Sincere thanks to Michelle Hoess for her invaluable and immeasurable support in her attention to detail in helping to organise this event. Likewise, the enthusiasm and commitment of the High School teachers in offering to deliver presentations and workshops, facilitate discussions etc is commendable and quite inspiring. It must be the same spirit which is a part of other Montessori Adolescent programmes, as the response has been exciting! We are also planning some "goody bags" for our participants and would love to hear from any families who would like to donate items which can be a treat or showcase our region.

The following week will see us host the drama group from Templestowe College who will be bringing their travelling show to our school.

So whilst the days ahead are busy, there is something quite remarkable about what a "normalised" adolescent can offer... a sense of calm and perspective that will get us through...and lots of laughter.  We are very fortunate at Elonera to have these qualities with spare to share!

Alexandra Ioannou

High School Coordinator