Staff feedback and photos from last week's Cosmic Education Workshop

"The Cosmic Education workshop has been a great learning experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed having Primary and Secondary working together. It has really helped to enhance the knowledge of the cultural curriculum and synergy across the school."

"I love how in Montessori you always start with the whole "big picture" and then it breaks down into all the parts. The Five Great Lessons give the children are sense of awe and wonder. As a Montessori Directress it is our role to allow the children to think, wonder, discover and explore their ideas and thoughts. To say 'less' during some of these lessons is always 'best'. The Cosmic Education involves so many rich, wonderful hands on work for the children to be involved in and to make their own discoveries. Being part of this workshop with the Primary and High school team has been a lovely experience towards helping me broaden my understanding of the Cosmic Education. I have loved sharing my ideas on how we teach the subjects in a Stage 2 environment and then learning how the lessons progress through to a Stage 3,4,5 classes. I wish I had the opportunity during my schooling to be part of a Montessori environment. It is a beautiful opportunity to experience, where the possibilities are endless!!!" 

"We were fortunate in sharing Diane's experience in teaching children in an engaging way. She showed us the connections between the early learning and the adolescent program, which had more similarities than differences.The five great stories were factual based and used the real terminology with the children. A great workshop which gave me ideas to implement straight away."