Stage One News

This term we have been busy participating in many interesting activities and celebrating important events.
Children undertook an activity with Chloe, cutting cardboard and painting cars and wheels.  Children enjoyed acting out road sense scenarios in the playground.
Sport has been fun this term and the children have participated in measuring their efforts with:

  • Jump and reach
  • Pole climbing and;
  • Hanging from the monkey bar

We have introduced hockey again this term showing children how to ‘dribble’and pass the ball. Children have thoroughly enjoyed playing a hockey ‘game’ with two sides and goals.

After brainstorming with the children and discussing their interests and what they wanted to learn about we settled on dinosaurs. In keeping with our dinosaur theme we presented a new activity to the class recently, searching for dinosaur bones. Children had to bury the bones with sand and use soft brushes to re-discover them.

stage 1 pics for elmonti (7).JPG

Children have been involved in discussions and craft and participated in the following:

  • Reading books and singing songs
  • Learning dinosaur names and facts
  • Discuss what they eat and then take part in Matching ‘Meat eater/plant eater’
  • Dinosaur prints with paint, colouring and pin poking, drawing pictures of dinosaurs in their landscape
  • Group collaboration painting a prehistoric landscape and cutting and pasting dinosaurs
stage 1 pics for elmonti (5).JPG

Book Week was fun, making bookmarks and front covers of their favourite stories.  The children thoroughly enjoyed hearing stories from the principal Chris and office manager Janice.  On Friday everyone took great joy dressing up and presenting to the class their favourite book.

We made music groups with Benedict on Thursday, each group had a different instrument and Benedict was conducting the groups so they learnt to play their instrument when instructed and learnt the signal for “stop”playing when Benedict closed her fists.

stage 1 pics for elmonti (6).jpg

To help celebrate Maria Montessori’s birthday we made cup cakes and decorated them with the children. Children took turns to crack eggs and and hold the beater and mix the batter.

stage 1 pics for elmonti (3).png

In preparation for Fathers Day everyone decorated a tie for their father’s to wear using coloured tape and learning how to use scissors to cut tape, children were encouraged to make geometric patterns with the tape.  They were very excited about showing their fathers and grandparents around the classroom.

stage 1 pics for elmonti (1).png