IB News

Over the last two weeks the Year 12 students have been completing their mock exams. These exams are an important precursor to their final exams which take place in November; the results of which inform our predicted grades which students will use for early entry interviews at the University of Wollongong.
The IB Visual Art Exhibition will be held on Monday 18th September, with an opening Gala at 6pm at the ‘Moving Mountains Gallery in Crown Street. We hope to see as many families there as possible – Maira, Gabby, Lillian, and Jackson have worked hard all year on creating amazing art works to display on the night.
On Friday the whole school came together to celebrate Maria Montessori’s birthday. As Year 12 students Gabbielle Ayoub and Maira Sykes are currently our longest serving Montessorian’s, we thought it fitting to invite them to speak about their Montessori journey, and what it means to be a Montessori student. A transcript of their speech is as follows:
Maira: Good afternoon everyone, our names are Gabrielle Ayoub and Maira Sykes and we’re currently the longest running Elonera Montessori students. Gabby and I have been at this very school since 2002 and this is now our final year going around the sun in a Montessori school. Today we’re here to talk to you about our Elonera Montessori journey. 
Gabrielle: Maira and I had first officially joined the school in about 2002 (15 years ago) but our parents would always tag us along to our older siblings’ classes back at the old Elonera Montessori School next to Beaton Park. For us we have grown up in the Montessori philosophy, we have learnt to be kind caring and independent people, characteristics that will always stay with us and anyone that has gone to Montessori. From all our old school friends that have moved to other school we still share a strong special connection because Elonera Montessori is a family.
Maira: For us, Montessori has been more than just a place to learn, it’s been a place to make friends, a place of comfort, a playground, a supporting environment and most importantly a home. Throughout our Montessori journey we have grown from toddlers to young adults about to leave our Montessori home and go to university or off into the world were we will find our paths that have been greatly influenced by Maria Montessori’s guidance. 
Gabrielle: For Maira and I Montessori has been a caring and nurturing environment where we have learnt to reflect, be kinder people and be independent learners that have been supported throughout our education. Montessori students come out of this school as caring and compassionate people, which is a life skill that we will keep forever and I would just like to say thank you to Maria Montessori and all the teachers we have had throughout this wonderful journey here at Elonera Montessori.
Maira: So we just like to say thank you to everyone for coming today and sharing this special day of Maria Montessori’s birthday and Gab and I would just like to end this speech by saying that this school is very special and one that well keep in our hearts forever. This school has taught us to be more than learners and followers, but to be our own independent selves. Thank you.