Stage 3 News

This term’s focus for projects has been Botany. Children have worked hard to research their chosen plant, looking at common and botanical names, classifications, animal interactions, and historic and current use by people. This term’s format for projects is a poster with written paragraphs and an annotated diagram, which is presented by each child to the class. Research projects in Stage 3 incorporate many skills across subject areas, including library and internet research, summarising, paraphrasing and synthesising information, handwriting, drawing and oral presentation. The children have done really well with their work and are very proud of their efforts.

International Women’s Day
Across Week 6 and 7 Stage 3 has celebrated International Womens’ Day, starting with the feature shown on Behind the News (BTN) and a discussion around women’ rights through history and around the world. We also had a range of activities, including writing a letter to a woman who is inspirational to you, making a comic strip featuring a female lead character, and making a mind map about how to combat issues that are facing women around the world. Finally, children chose a woman from history to be the focus of a short biography. Children explained the accomplishments of their chosen person, how they came to find their passion and the obstacles they had to overcome, and why they are inspirational to others.
International Mother Tongue Day
In Week 4 we enjoyed celebrating Mother Tongue Day! We had a great feast with children bringing in a dish from their cultural background, which we shared as part of a big lunch celebration. We also looked at the world map and tagged all of the places in the world that we, as a class, have cultural connections to, which prompted great discussions.
Garden and fruit trees
With the start of the New Year and the start of Autumn our garden has continued to do well! Our summer crops of zucchini, corn and tomatoes are winding down, and we have sown new crops of greens, lettuce and herbs. We used our massive quantities of basil, zucchini and tomatoes to make delicious pasta sauce, with groups taking turns to harvest and prepare. We have also purchased a dozen fruit trees that we have planted in large pots on the concreted area outside of Stage 3 and the library. The children are very excited to be harvesting mulberries, mangoes, passionfruits and nectarines in coming years!

Creative Arts
This term we have a focus on Visual Arts and Music. In Art, we have made looms and are learning weaving, with the aim of creating beautiful weavings to hang in our new space. Children have been enjoying making pom poms and tassels to attach to their weavings, with some challenging themselves to make complicated pom poms in the form of fruits, flowers and even eyeballs! In Music we are practicing singing, learning about the parts of a song and having a great time.