Stage 2 News

Classroom Rules and “Charter of Respect” 
The students in Stage 2 have been off to a great start this year. They were all enthusiastic to be reunited with their peers after such a long break. The children were also keen to share all the exciting things they experienced during their five week holiday with both their friends and teachers.
The beginning of a new year can sometimes be a bit daunting for some children, especially those who are new, however the children have settled into their classroom routines beautifully. It’s lovely to see. We would like to give a warm welcome to all the new families to Stage 2. Term 1 began with all the children and teachers working collaboratively on their classroom expectations followed by everyone signing the Elonera ‘Charter of Respect’. Once all the children understood and signed it, the ‘Charter of Respect’ was framed and displayed in each classroom.

International Mother Tongue Day
On February 21 we celebrated Mother Tongue Day. This annual day is an opportunity to promote multiculturalism and raise awareness of cultural and linguistic diversity within our classroom and the community at large.
Children in Primary were asked to bring in a dish of food related to their cultural heritage. Countries that were represented included Canada, China, Germany, Greece, Italy and the U.K., among many others. Each class had its own banquet comprised of these delicious dishes. There were many interesting discussions about the heritage of various foods and we hope that the children gained a fresh insight into the cultural value of different national meals. 
This term, our students have been attending weekly swimming lessons at the University of Wollongong’s Aquatic Centre. Swimming is an important skill for children and it has been great to see the children improving their skills over the term, while also enjoying themselves. The pool instructors have been working with small groups of children to meet their individual needs. It has been great to see the children's enthusiasm so far and we look forward to more weeks of swimming.

Vegie Crunch
On Friday the 2nd of March, the students participated in the “Big Vegie Crunch”, promoted from the NSW Health. The purpose of this experience is to encourage and promote eating more vegetables in the children’s diet, including more vegetables in their lunchboxes. The students discussed the importance of having a nutritious diet, which includes a variety of vegetables. The children enjoyed bringing in, preparing and sharing a variety of vegetables with their class members for morning tea at 10am. During this time, the children shared the vegetable they had brought into school and were encouraged to try a variety of vegetables offered to them.

Writing Task: Informative Recounts and Imaginative Story Writing
The students began the term by writing “recounts” about what they did during their summer holidays. Some children were excited and happy to share their recounts with the class by reading them in front of the group. We have also been encouraging the children to further develop their writing skills through “imaginative story writing” and “sustained writing” activities. During sustained writing, the children have been working towards improving an area of their writing. Some examples might be to consistently use capital letters and full stops, or include more descriptive words in their writing.

This term the students have been enjoying participating in a variety of craft experiences. They have made flags for Australia day and discussed with their classes what it means to them to be living in Australia and how they celebrate this day. Students enjoyed creating hearts for Valentines Day, Back to School “mindfulness mandala colouring” and used their imaginations to create a visual representation of “summer”, using a variety of paints and brush sizes, for the last day of summer. The children have also been studying Expressionism. This art movement focuses on altering reality to express the artist's feelings by using different colours and shapes.