Stage One News

Dr. Montessori felt that her greatest discovery was that children like to work as well as play. Children have a natural drive to work to develop. The child’s great task is to create an adult. Therefore, children are not content unless they have an opportunity to develop and learn.

The educator’s job is to provide the materials and environment which will aid development, and to be ready to respond when assistance is needed.
In our Stage One Classroom we held a show and tell experience focusing on each child’s family background. Lots of children brought in some very special belongings to share with the class. This was a great opportunity for children to learn about different cultures, and gain more knowledge about their own family background. During the day we also had a visit from Japanese students who conducted a small group experience with the children.

In Term 1 Stage 1 started a theme, ‘All about Me’. We learned how special and unique each one of us are.  We read lots of stories. Some were fact books and some were about different feelings we may have. Over the weeks we created graphs. We talked about how graphs give us information about things or people and they are easy to read.  We graphed our favourite colour and number of letters in our name. These graphs were meaningful to us because we learned different things about children in our classroom. Creating graphs was also a new maths skill. During our unit we made 'All about me' booklets and how to write our names, home addresses, telephone numbers and our parents’ names. We also learned about our body parts and drew self-portraits. Children shared photos of their families and we talked about where our families come from.  



Clean up Australia day is an event that is held in March of every year. This day has been created so that the whole of Australia can come together and clean up to make our country clean and sustainable. Elonera participates in this event every year with the whole school getting involved. Each class is asked to get bags and go around the school and assist in the effort to clean up. All the students and educators worked hard to gather rubbish from around the school and dispose of it correctly. The educators explained to the children the importance of the day to us as a society and explained that this is something that we get involved in every year. Today, the children participated in this event by using their imagination and creativity in making products with the recyclable materials that the children bought from home to promote sustainability. 

                                                               Mother’s Day 2018

This term we incorporated our Autumn theme into Mother’s Day. Children could observe Autumn paintings done by Artists to capture an idea for their own piece of work. A piece of canvas and a variety of materials were available to use such as; Autumn paint colours, paint brushes, cotton tips, leaves and corks. Each child’s artwork piece had its own creativity and texture. At the end of the week Stage 1 held a Mother’s Day afternoon tea celebration were families and children could view their Autumn artwork on display. At the end of the day children collected their artworks to take home as a special gift for Mother’s Day. Children took a great amount of pride and effort in creating in their Autumn artwork. 


The Kindergarten children have been attending Gymnastic lessons once a week on a Thursday. Every lesson the children are full of excitement ready to begin. The children have been learning a variety of gymnastic positions/shapes which include; Pencil, Star, Solider, Motor bike, Lunge, L - sit, Saddle, Front support, Back support, Tuck sit. These positions were incorporated into the lessons when using the gymnastic equipment. For example, Three swings on the monkey bar landing on the mat in a motor bike position. The children have also been practicing walking along the balance beam and using the trampoline.
These Gymnastic lessons have been great for the children to practice their coordination, strength development, flexibility, social skills, self-confidence, discipline, determination, performance, and overcoming fears.