Montessori Mathematics Materials Parents Session

Feedback from some of our parents who attended the Montessori Mathematics Material Parents Session:

“It was really interesting to see the progression from Nido to High School and see how hands on the teaching and learning of mathematics is the whole way through. The resources are great - the way they build on from previous knowledge and engage the child/children in mindful maths lessons is wonderful. Loved getting more of an insight into Stage 1 maths to be able to support my daughter at home too.” 

“On Wednesday I found the Montessori Maths sessions held by all stage teachers very informative and they gave me an important insight into the students learning methods on a day to day basis. It was nice to see the methodology behind the philosophy. It gave me a useful understanding so that when I need to discuss Maths with my son I have a solid reference point from a student’s perspective. Thank you to the Teachers for taking the time to show us Montessori Maths.” 

“All the different materials presented throughout the stages was very interesting. The teachers thoroughly explained how each new component is introduced. The hands-on materials really gives the child a good knowledge of how to complete the different topics that they have to cover and the repetition makes certain that it becomes concrete in their minds”. 

“Last Wednesday I attended an informative maths materials demonstration which showcased how mathematical concepts are progressively explored from Stage 1 to Stage 4. The teachers comprehensively demonstrated static and dynamic examples of addition using the small bead frame, multiplication with the checker board, division with racks and tubes, equivalent fractions with wooden skittles and solving for an unknown (algebra) with red and blue tiles. It was very interesting to see how the sensory application of concrete materials develops into the abstract. I look forward to the next information session.” 

“I really enjoyed the mathematics material session. It was an eye-opener for how complex mathematics operations can be broken down into visual clues, adding to true learning and understanding of mathematics in an age appropriate way. At some stage I felt as if a magician was handling the material showing the true results at the end, which initially, I thought cannot be achieved with these simple and well designed materials. Well done!” 

“It was very interesting and completely new to me. It was fascinating to see how the Montessori method can transform abstract concepts into concrete and hands-on materials, which are more effective for the kids to learn and more fun for them as well.”