Stage 3 News

We were lucky enough to have a camp experience this year. Students travelled to the Cataract Scout Park and took part in some activities that really pushed our limits both physically and emotionally. We all were pushed out of our comfort zones and felt supported by those around us. It was amazing what the students could achieve. The experiences that we all shared has really allowed us to form a group of peers that support and care for one another. 

Since we have been back, the camp ups and downs have given us a platform that shows support within the classroom. It has really been a pleasure to be involved with these students. Currently the students are working on a Geography task that is giving them the creative licence to design their own country. We started with an outdoor activity to build a city using branches. This highlighted the fundamental needs of humans as each city had several things in common. These were the basis for the natural environment for the students’ countries they are to create.

We are designing an undiscovered country that has no animals on it, just the land formations and the flora. Each country needs a climate that correlates to its location on the earth. This information will then determine the fauna that is suited to this climate and location. We explore the adaptations these creatures have made to justify their existence on their country. This will the lead to an understanding of civilisations and eventually into current day. Hopefully the documentation of this process will reflect the research and discoveries the children have undertaken as part of the authentic representation of their design.

It is great to see the children’s ideas and interests develop throughout the process. We hope this passion continues for the rest of term.