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Elonera Robotics Fundraising for Houston

Elonera Embers Robotics graciously thank all the school community for their support. We are continuing to fundraise for Houston through:

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The Super Space Lamingtons are going to Houston!

Three Elonera Montessori students and three friends will be attending the World Festival Expo in Houston this April as part of a FIRST Lego League Jr team!
Over the past few months the ‘Super Space Lamingtons’ have been learning about what it would be like to live on the moon. How will they get air on the moon? How will they get energy? Where will they get their water from?
The team built some Lego robots to try to solve some of these problems:

  • a solar panel that follows the movement of the sun

  • a robot that breaks up ice found in the moon’s polar craters

  • an alarm clock (with snooze button) that will wake up astronauts during their long lunar nights (14 earth days)

  • an air-conditioning system that switches on when the sun comes up

  • an airlock that doesn’t let oxygen escape when they go in and out of their moon base

Click on the link to watch a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3BQmSvA5Pg
We wish the ‘Super Space Lamingtons’ the very best of luck on their trip!