Safe & Supportive Environment

The school has policies and procedures to ensure that we meet our legislative obligations in relation to child protection, as well as the provision of a safe and supportive environment that provides for student welfare. Please see our Child Protection Policy which is in the Parent Handbook.


The NSW Education Standards Authority have specific regulations that require schools to code all absences of students with an explanation for the absence.

Under Section 25 of the Education Act 1990 the Minister may grant a certificate of exemption from school attendance. Parents who wish to apply for exemption from attendance for more than fifteen days must apply to the Head of School on a form that is available at the office (see the publications section).

The school is also required to submit attendance data to the NSW Education Standards Authority for two terms every year.


The school has policies related to the discipline of students attending the school. Please refer to the Grace and Courtesy policy and the enrolments flowchart in the Parent Handbook as well as the Blueprint of Values and Beliefs document in the Montessori Philosophy section.